tinyHello and welcome to an Aqua Verde Life! My name is Joanne – and I’m happy to share and take this journey with you to an Aqua Verde Life. I grew up near the beaches on Long Island, lived in the “Big Apple”, and now I call home a little slice of country in South Central Pennsylvania. No matter where I’ve been, I have always had an interest in all things natural. After meeting my other half, we both shared the same views, and we often look to find items that are “friendlier” to the environment – and ourselves.

When Dave (my other half) became a backyard keeper, it seemed to become even more important to use better products around the home in an effort to help the bees thrive in anyway. I didn’t want to be spraying chemicals out into that fresh air!  Since I’ve always been in retail/marketing during the day, dabbled in some direct sales of more environmentally sound products, it seemed that the time had come to work on my own ideas – Aqua Verde was born of that thinking.beekeeper

Aqua Verde is natural, gentle, and enjoyably pretty home products made with ingredients that ensure no chemicals are being spread into the air – there’s way too much of that going on and it can’t be healthy for ANY of us (or the bees either!). It’s kind of my mission to promote the fact that if everyone would just change one product they use to a more natural one, the cumulative effect CAN make a difference!

I consider Aqua Verde to be a “blue/green” kind of journey. We are all busy it seems, but if we can make some small changes and choices that will better our everyday lives – then WHY NOT? It took years of marketing from big companies to make us believe that seeing “scent#5”, or “color#2” on a product is normal – it’s NOT. A minty fresh smell should come from a natural mint oil – not a factory produced scent that’s cheaper and is used to mask all of the other industrialized ingredients in that same product. I’m happy knowing that when I’m cleaning with my Dolce Sole, the citrus scent comes from the natural oil, and the suds come from a natural soap. I source from the U.S.A. most times and whenever possible – I like to keep it local ;).

It’s important for you to know as a consumer, that this site is “homemade” – from me. I’m not a big company – I don’t want to be either. I want to make products I enjoy using and then share them with others. Each batch of Aqua Verde is done periodically, so there may be slight variations as I learn and grow – I hope you’ll join me and support the same mission – to live an Aqua Verde Life!

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